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Item 10024: Soviet "Plasch-Palatka" Tent Section/Poncho...SOLD
This standard piece of equipment was the Red Army man's primary protection from the elements. A tent section that doubled as a hooded poncho. This example is fairly complete with no major holes or unmended tears.  There are some areas of seperated stitching which is shown in the photos and there is a 3"X3", L shaped tear that has been hand mended. There may be a few missing wooden toggles as well.  There are illegible maker mark and batch numbers ink stamped to one side.  You will find a few rust and oil stains as well.  This plasch is heavily faded from a dark olive down to a very light olive/tan.  On each corner there is a heavy stitch grommet that is reinforced on one side with a thin leather grommet. This is a characteristic of some prewar/early war Plasch-Palatka and staff tents.  The versions with the leather are a less common, but either type can be found on original period examples.

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